Signing Their Rights Away - 'Denise Kiernan',  'Joseph D'Agnese' This is a well written book that walks a fine line between being informative and entertaining. The book jacket is wonderful - it folds out to be a full-color reproduction of the U.S. Constitution and leaves an interesting faux distressed, faux aged book. In addition to the mini-biographies, the book contains: an introduction, a Constitutional cheat sheet, a Constitutional timeline, two appendices, a selected bibliography and an index. The second appendix is really another full chapter of miscellaneous information and shouldn't be ignored. It's organized by state. I deleted my progress because I was skipping around too much - I started at the beginning, then read the Miscellany, then back to the first state, then skipped ahead to my own state, I'm still reading it a bit at a time, but realized you've been waiting long enough for a review. I won this through the First Reads program.