Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading - Tommy Greenwald, J.P. Coovert This is a cute book and a quick easy read. I wonder how many adults will read it? I expect many copies will be chosen by adults for kids they think don't read enough. I wish the book had mentioned the actual grade instead of just saying middle school and middle graders.I will hide the spoilers, but they are pretty mild and shouldn't ruin the book. Charlie Joe's non-reading (but actually it was only books he didn't want to read, he included a list of other things he would read) was originally caused by receiving nothing but books for his 6th birthday. By the time he got to middle school he had a reputation as a non-reader to uphold and spent much more effort on not reading than he would have by just reading the books. The reason he is writing the book is explained at the end. I don't agree with using reading as punishment. I won this book through the goodreads first reads program.