Reamde - I've had this on my to-read shelf for a long time and I just won it from the first-reads program.It was a good thriller, lots of action and interesting characters, if maybe a few too many characters. It's not science fiction. I loved the parts about the game and the writers and I wish that had been what this book was about. It was more like three different stories mashed together. The story of Richard, his family and what is important (mostly boring). The story of Zula's abduction, the people she meets while trying to get back home and everything that happens to them (this was the thriller). A high-tech possibly science fiction story centered around a MMORPG (this is the story I wanted and expected, but it was only used to prop up the thriller and was left unfinished). I really do wish he would learn how to write an ending. This one just ends, then adds a tacked on ending that was just an epilogue.