Crossed Genres Year One - Bart R. Leib, Kay T. Holt, C.L. Rossman, Marilou Goodwin, Jeremy Zimmerman, Adam King, Jill Afzelius, Amanda Lord, Nathan Crowder, Jennifer D. Munro, Erika Tracy, Camille Alexa, M. Palmer, Melissa S. Green, Nicc Balce, Jill  Cooper This is an anthology of stories from the first year of Crossed Genre magazine. There is one story from each of the first twelve issues. Check out the magazine at issue had a theme, the themes are listed in the table of contents, but I wish the themes had been identified on the first page of each story. These stories were too short to give much description of each one without spoilers. My favorites were:Back to the Beginning by Marilou Goodwin; Great world building, I really liked the characters and I want the rest of the story. The Bat and the Blitz by Erika TracyThe Good Old-Fashioned Kind of Water by Camille AlexaThe Condiment Wars by Jill Afzelius is funny with Ketchup and Mustard on a quest to find Relish. Thee were some good ideas here, but mostly they were just too short. If I like the characters, I want to read more. I received this through the first-reads program.