Hunger - Jackie Kessler I hate to give this a bad rating when my problem is mainly that I'm just not the intended audience, but maybe I should warn others that could be reading the book for the wrong reasons. I realize it is a message book and is about an important subject. I hope it does help teens that may need the message. Am I the only one who thought that her weight should have been revealed at some point? Shouldn't it have been more obvious that the thin voice was wrong and she wasn't fat at all? Wouldn't objective data prove that her friends and parents were right and she was wrong. Yes, I realize that lots of symptoms of anorexia and starvation were sprinkled throughout the story, but if this was aimed at teens that need to recognize the symptoms, shouldn't they have been clearer, or just listed at the end of the book or something? I liked the fantasy elements and was disappointed in the ending. I wanted it to be more like On a Pale Horse. I think I'll wait for reviews on the rest of the series before reading more of these books, I do want to read more about the world of these horsemen and their steeds.