How to Become a Famous Writer Before You're Dead: Your Words in Print and Your Name in Lights - Ariel Gore This is aimed at people who haven't published anything yet. It doesn't have an index. I think it should have at least included a list of the authors interviewed. I didn't like the table of contents being in paragraph form - it should be a table.Here are links to the authors interviewed:Marc AcitoMarc AcitoJulie AlvarezUrsula K. Le GuinUrsula K. Le GuinFloyd SalasMichelle TeaMichelle TeaDave BarryDave BarryAyun HallidayAyun HallidayMoe BowsternJim MunroeJim MunroeSusie BrightSusie BrightDave EggersDave EggersBertice BerryDaphne GottliebDaphne GottliebMargaret ChoMargaret ChoErika LopezErika Lopez