The 80/20 Principle from SmarterComics - Richard Koch, D.J. Kirkbride, Chris Moreno, Cullen Bunn I like the concept. Many non-fiction books with one principle idea are too long for the material and end up repeating the ideas or dragging out the explanations. I think this is a good presentation that makes the sound-bites easier to remember. The places where he broke the fourth wall looked a little too much like an infomercial to me. I would prefer keeping the author out of the illustrations, but I would be interested in reading more non-fiction books in this format. It's a much quicker way to absorb the content. I haven't read the original book. There are some good ideas here, but I think he tortures the math a bit to make everything fit the percentages. He over does it with always statements, too. I won this book through the goodreads first-reads program.