The Map of My Dead Pilots: The Dangerous Game of Flying in Alaska - Colleen Mondor This is very interesting, maybe a little scary if you have to fly in Alaska. When we were in Alaska we flew in a small plane from Talkeetna and landed on a glacier. It was lots of fun. We almost didn't get to go because of the weather. They kept saying maybe, and keep checking back. It snowed a foot of snow on the mountain the night before and they said we couldn't land because if it was too soft we might not be able to take off from the glacier. They were so sure we weren't going to land that they sent a couple that had only paid for a sight-seeing flight option with us. And they didn't give us the glacier boots. I picked this company because they had the boots. The pilot never said anything about landing, he just did it. I only realized we were landing when I saw our shadow on the snow. I was the first one off the plane after the pilot, when I sunk to my knees in snow, he said, "Oh, your feet might get wet."