UnCONventional - Kate Kaynak,  Trisha Wooldridge,  L.J. Berger,  Vikki Ciaffone,  Anthony Francis,  Gordon Dupuis,  Justine Graykin,  Randy O. Green,  Melina Gunnett,  Pam van Hylckama Vlieg,  Danielle M. LeFevre,  Kimberley Long-Ewing,  Lauren Marrero,  Will Morton,  L.S. Murphy,  Ira I've listed all of the stories, but I only rate the ones I like.Family Ties by Keshia Swaim - 3 starsShadow Harper by Sherry Thompson - 3 starsMyrtle by Melina Gunnett - 4 stars I would like to see more of this world.Photo of a Mermaid by Trisha J. Wooldridge - 3 starsBelief by Vikki Giaffone - 5 stars The Sirens by Danielle M. LeFevre - 3 starsM.U.S.E by Kimberly Long-Ewing - 3 starsWhat We Found in Our Room by Will Morten - 3 starsAll in by Jennifer Allis ProvostRejecting Your Reality by KT Pinto - 3.5 starsBeast in Show by Kate Kaynak - 4 starsSuper Soaker by Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg - 3.5 starsA Comic End by Gordon DupuisAlGorethm by Randy O. Green - 4 starsSo, These Monsters Walk into a Con by Patricia Puckett - 3.5 starsEscalation is Academic by Ira NaymanThe Ascension by Daniel A. Cohen - 3 starsThe Next Con by Justine Graykin - 4.5 starsFirestorm by LS MurphyEvent at MileHiCon by Lou BergerThe Waltz by Lauren Marrero Steampunk Fairy Chick by Anthony Francis - 4.5 stars